As a highly qualified, fully accredited psychotherapist with specialist adolescent training, I work with both adults and adolescents from my rooms in South Dublin. 


With adolescents, I work in both private practice and have worked in secondary schools, alongside parents, GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, school principals and counsellors. I also do talks and workshops, write and broadcast.

Why Choose Me? 

My training in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy means I look at the whole person, their body and their mind. With compassion and warmth, I encourage clients' self-healing capabilities. With a theoretical understanding of trauma, I use practical initiatives to support and empower clients who may be suffering. I help them explore how blocks in their earlier relationships may prevent them from moving forward in their lives. Using highly attuned listening skills, I hope to guide clients towards a more loving relationship with themselves and others. 

I also draw on the practices of yoga and mindfulness, which alongside my Gestalt Adolescent training gives me other, creative tools to use with more traditional 'talk' therapy, so that together we can find solutions that work for you.  

Working With Me

Clients come from all walks of life and face all kinds of difficulties. I work with a wide range of issues including the impact of trauma, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, existential loss and lack of meaning, parenting issues, stress management, grief, panic attacks, anxiety and suicidal thinking.

‘‘ I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” 
-  John O'Donohue

Qualifications & Professional Memberships

Post Qualifying Diploma in Gestalt Adolescent Psychotherapy from Blackfort Institute


Post Graduate Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy 


Certificate in Counselling Studies from NUI Maynooth 


Accredited member of IAHIP

Accredited member of ICP

Completed several Mindfulness trainings and have a keen interest in its therapeutic benefits