If You're a Teenager

If you're reading this you may be struggling. You may be feeling sad, scared or completely alone. Perhaps you think that nobody wants to understand you. Or that you don't even understand yourself. I want to help you to find your voice. So you can make better choices and have the freedom to become who you were born to be.



If You Are a Parent

Parents want to support and understand their children, but parenting an adolescent can be difficult and worrying at times. For very challenging issues and behaviour, especially if things feel overwhelming, you need the right professional help to get back on track. 


This is where I come in. 


Specialist Training

My specialist post-graduate training in Adolescent Development means I can offer expert help to support young people aged 11 up who are experiencing psychological and developmental difficulties (anxiety, bullying, eating disorders, 

emotional and sexual abuse, sexuality and gender identity, self-harming behaviour, suicidal thoughts and other issues). 

The Aim

  • to help you attune to your teenager so you can understand better why they may be struggling

  • to provide insight and skills to help you cope better, together, into the future

How it Works

I first meet the adolescent and ideally their parent (s) or caregivers. Getting some background and seeing how everyone communicates with each other helps me support the people who are with the adolescent the most. 


I then offer the adolescent a choice to return. If they do I create what's called a 'relational assessment' which looks at how they relate to themselves and to others, at home and beyond, so together we can see where things can be improved, and how.  

The assessment may involve working alone with the adolescent or alongside caregivers to coach them on how to support their teenager. I also sometimes involve members of the school community. All of this is done with the adolescent’s permission as they are at the heart of the therapeutic work.

depressed girl graffiti.jpg

‘‘...it feels like the walls are caving in,

sometimes I feel like giving up

but I  just can't,

it isn't in my blood..."

- Shawn Mendes, Mercy