Am I the right therapist for you? 

Research has found that for therapy to be really effective, the therapist/client ‘fit’ needs to be a good one. It's important that clients feel at ease. After a first visit, clients often say I'm "so easy to talk to". They feel relieved to talk, get something off their minds and to gain some perspective.

So the first time we meet is a chance for you to assess your surroundings and see if you feel comfortable with me. It also allows me to establish whether I have the appropriate training and experience to support you psychologically.


I will ask what brought you here and also what you're hoping to achieve by starting therapy. All conversations are completely confidential; this is a deeply important part of the relationship.  

The Therapy Process

My approach is relational, equal and non-diagnostic. I deeply respect the unique experience and pace of each person's therapeutic process. I am not the "expert" in the room. I believe you are the creator and witness to your own unfolding. It's a little like being with a friend, except I use deeply attentive skilled listening to challenge, prompt and guide your awareness. 

My comprehensive training has given me a variety of creative approaches and tools (yoga, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness) that help you to express what is going on for you. Together we look at what's happening and find ways to make life easier. 

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"Tell me what is it you plan to do. With your one wild and precious life?"

 - Mary Oliver, The Summer Day